Top 10 Kiwi Producing Countries in the World Kiwi fruit was first cultivated in northern China, and from there spread to all parts of the world, beginning with New Zealand in the early twentieth century, where it was first cultivated for commercial purposes.

After the end of World War II, it began to be grown in other countries around the world, and in the eighties of the last century, these countries began to produce and export kiwi.

The countries of the world today collectively produce more than 4 million tons of kiwi per year, of which about 1.5 million tons are exported.

Below we take a quick look at the world’s largest producers of kiwi fruit.

Kiwi producing countries in the world

China is the world’s largest producer of kiwi fruit, with an annual production of about 2.1 million tons, almost half of the world’s production.

China has been the first in kiwi production for several years, and its production has increased significantly in recent years driven by growing domestic demand.

The fruit is produced in many provinces of China, the most productive being Zhujiang County, which allocates more than 69,000 acres of land to the cultivation of kiwi.

This area is devoted to the cultivation of several different varieties of kiwi, including the Hayward variety, to which 44 percent of that area is allocated.

Despite its large production, China imports from abroad, and in 2019, the volume of its import reached more than 128,000 tons of kiwi, and this is due to consumers’ preference for imported items.

Other Kiwi Fruit Producing Countries

occupy New Zealand It ranks second in the world with an annual production of 558,000 tons, followed by Italy with 524 thousand tons, then Iran with 344 thousand tons, and Greece with 285,000 tons.

In the Arab world, kiwi cultivation is still in its early years, and the most Arab countries producing this fruit are Tunisia And Syria.

The kiwi tree is grown in all Arab countries in North Africa, including Algeria And theMorocco And the Egypt it is also grown in some Arab countries in Asia such as Lebanon.

Top 10 Kiwi Producing Countries in the World

# Countries production volume
1 China 2.1 million tons
2 New Zealand 558 thousand tons
3 Italia 524 thousand tons
4 Iran 344 thousand tons
5 Greece 285,000 tons
6 Chile 177 thousand tons
7 Turkey 63 thousand tons
8 France 55 thousand tons
9 United States of America 46 thousand tons
10 Portugal 32 thousand tons
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