The official language in all European countries Most of the 44 countries in continental Europe have their national language, except a few countries.

The common thing between European languages ​​is that they belong to one family, the Indo-European languages, and although the matter does not include all languages, it applies to most of them.

Below we take a quick look at the official languages ​​of all countries in continental Europe.

The most common language in Europe

The most spoken language in Europe as a first language is Russian, which has about 150 million speakers.

Russian speakers live in more than one country and not only in Russia, but mainly in other Eastern European countries, and it is official in four countries around the world:





Russian is also used in many countries among Russian minorities, especially in the former Soviet Union countries such as Ukraine Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Tajikistan, and Moldova.

The rest of the most common languages ​​in Europe

German ranks second among the most spoken languages ​​in Europe with 95 million speakers, followed by French with 80 million speakers, Turkish with 78 million speakers (if we consider Turkey a European country), and then Italian with 60 million speakers.

English ranks sixth with nearly 60 million speakers, and this includes only native speakers and not those who are fluent in speaking it as a secondary language.

English is used in all countries of the continent, however, it is not the official language in any country (including the United Kingdom), except the Republic of Ireland.

The official language in all European countries

# Countries The official and national language
1 Albania Albanian language
2 Andorra Catalan
3 Austria German (Austrian German)
4 United kingdom English
5 Estonia Estonian
6 Iceland Icelandic
7 Republic of Ireland Irish, English
8 Latvia Latvian
9 Lithuania Lithuanian
10 Norway Sami languages, Norwegian
11 Sweden Swedish
12 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian
13 Portugal Portuguese
14 San Marino Italian
15th Croatia Croatian
16 Gibraltar (territory) English
17 Greece Greek
18 Italia Italian
19 North Macedonia Macedonian, Albanian
20 Malta Maltese, English
21 the black Mountain Montenegro
22 Serbia Serbian
23 Spain Spanish
24 Vatican City Italian
25 Slovenia Slovenian
26 Luxembourg Luxembourgish, German, French
27 Monaco French
28 Switzerland German, Italian, French, Romansh (national language)
29 Liechtenstein German
30 Germany German
31 France French
32 Belgium Dutch, French, German
33 Holland Dutch
34 Belarus Belarusian, Russian
35 Bulgaria Bulgarian
36 Czech Republic Czech
37 Hungary Hungarian
38 Moldova Moldovan
39 Poland Polish
40 Romania Romanian
41 Russia Russian
42 Slovakia Slovak
43 Ukraine Ukrainian
44 Denmark Danish
45 Finland Finnish, Swedish
46 Cyprus Greek, Turkish
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