The happiest countries in South America: The World Happiness Report is a report published by the United Nations in 2012 that measures the happiness, well-being, and quality of life of people in countries around the world.

The report is based on opinion polls conducted by Gallup International, in addition to some indicators such as individual freedom, corruption, per capita output, and everything that can positively or negatively affect human life.

Below we take a quick look at the happiest countries in South America.

The happiest country in South America

The happiest country in South America is the country Uruguay, followed by Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Argentina, respectively.

Uruguay has a well-developed economy and a largely stable political life compared to the rest of the continent and is widely considered one of the best democracies in the Americas.

Uruguay has a developed infrastructure, a high-quality health system, and modern and safe public transportation, in addition to an Internet speed that is considered one of the best in Latin America.

Uruguay is a small country with a population of 3.5 million people and an area of ​​176,000 square kilometers, however, it produces enough food to feed more than 28 million people.

According to the data, International Monetary FundUruguay has a per capita share of about $15,000, making it the richest country in South America.


Despite the widespread crime, government corruption, and political turmoil, as well as its low per capita income compared to its third largest economy in the Americas, Brazil is considered among the happiest countries in the new world.

Brazil does poorly on some measures of luxury, and its cities are among the most violent in the world, and as such, have very low personal security.

The education system, income, housing, environmental quality, work-life balance, personal well-being, and health are all measures of which Brazil does not provide more than average.

With all this, Brazilians are satisfied with their lives. When they were asked to rate their life satisfaction from 0 to 10, the score was 6.4 on average.

The happiest countries in South America

# Countries
1 Uruguay
2 Brazil
3 Chile
4 Colombia
5 Argentina
6 Peruvian
7 Ecuador
8 Paraguay
9 Venezuela
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