Medical tourism in Canada 2022

Medical tourism in Canada 2022

Medical tourism in Canada 2022 is on the rise. Canada is located on the North American continent, and is the second-largest country in the world, in terms of landmass alone, with an area of ​​about 9.98 million square kilometers.

It has a population of about 35 million people according to census statistics.

Canada has a global reputation for being one of the most welcoming and modern countries, which makes medical tourists seem welcome on their visit to the country.

Canada has a fully publicly funded healthcare system.

Health care is provided by private institutions in accordance with government regulations set forth in the Health Canada Act 1984.

Canada’s high-quality healthcare system, combined with lower healthcare costs compared to other first-world countries, has helped it to emerge as one of the world leaders in inbound medical tourism.

Statistics show that medical tourists are able to save anywhere from 30 to 60 percent on healthcare costs by choosing Canadian medical tourism initiatives over those offered in the United States.

Why choose Canada for medical tourism

Over the past few years, several Canadian officials have spoken of the importance of developing the Canadian medical tourism industry.

In an effort to generate additional revenue for publicly funded medical institutions to promote excellent medical care facilities.

One of the predominant factors for medical tourism within the country comes through elective and cosmetic procedures.

Some of the major medical tourism programs developed by Canada have a strong reputation for pediatrics.

Many tourists come to look for treatment for their children, which is not available or expensive in their home country.

Apart from pediatric treatments, procedures like dental surgery and liposuction are highly sought after by medical tourists.

Medical tourism in Canada is also known for the quality of cardiac treatments and orthopedic options.

Another area of ​​medical care in which Canada has made a name for itself is cancer treatment.

While there are many medical tourism destinations that offer cancer treatments, Canada offers them a record of impressive survival rates.

The main strengths of Canada for medical tourism

Various mainstream and elective medical procedures

High quality personalized medical treatments and care

Reducing the waiting period in medical facilities

Stunning success rates for medical procedures

Why you should consider Canada for your healthcare needs

  1. The cost of treatments

As the global medical tourism market becomes increasingly competitive, Canadian medical institutions are always looking for new ways to make their medical procedures and treatments more accessible to an international audience.

In some cases, the cost of treatment in your home country may be twice the cost of treatment in Canadian hospitals, making Canada a profitable choice for medical tourism.

  1. Government initiatives towards strengthening the healthcare sector

Government regulations have been directed towards improving the quality of Canada’s healthcare system.

The Canadian government is constantly looking to update and develop medical tourism guidelines to encourage private medical entities to take on medical tourism initiatives in a sustainable manner.

Such entities are also required to adhere to strict accreditation schemes and quality control programs to ensure that the healthcare standard remains.

  1. High success rates for medical procedures

Canada’s consistent position in the quality of healthcare provided is also reflected in many statistics.

Apart from the fact that its medical tourism procedures are relatively reasonable, it has also proven to have higher success rates than other medical tourism countries.

For example, the hospital death rate in Canada is only 1.4 percent compared to 2.2 percent in the United States.

Canada’s healthcare system and quality

Canada’s health care system is publicly funded.

In fact, the country is widely seen as one of the pioneers of the publicly funded healthcare system, which implemented relevant legislation by 1984.

While the Canadian health care system has had its fair share of critics, a study by Nanos Research shows that more than 86 percent of Canadians are still very supportive of publicly funded health care.

Canada’s healthcare system has begun to attract medical tourists in the recent past.

While part of the influx can be explained by the high medical professional numbers, it is mainly due to the advanced medical care that is available.

Medical facilities are known for their proven success rates in medical care.

Hospital and Physician Standards in Canada

There are 75,142 doctors in Canada.

The growth of the number of professionals in the medical industry has made an increasing number of individuals consider Canada a preferred destination for medical tourists.

The country’s healthcare system, with Medicare numbers, matches the quality of Medicare.

The Canadian Health Act 1984 cites several guidelines and provisions that ensure that the quality of health care in Canada complies with international standards.

It has laid a solid foundation for aر reliable healthcare system in the country today.

For example, Canada is famous as a destination for treating cancer patients.

The survival rates of patients seeking cancer treatment in Canada are high.

Statistics show that nearly 75 percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer are alive even after five years.

Highlight the country’s reliable cancer treatment.

In fact, these numbers are also among the highest survival rates around the world.

Best Canadian medical centers for Medical tourism in Canada 2022

Shouldice Hospital in Canada

Shouldice Hospital in Canada is one of the first hospitals for hernia patients, as it specializes in the field of hernias and its very successful surgeries, with a cure rate of more than 99%. The hospital also provides amenities and comfort for patients.

Medical tourism in Canada 2022

Hannover Hospital

The hospital was opened in 1923.
It provides various health services, such as dialysis units and laboratories, as well as psychiatric services, such as community support services and mental health.
The hospital is located in Ontario. It is worth mentioning that the hospital opened a new care unit in 1973.

Medical tourism in Canada 2022

Royal Victoria Hospital

The number of doctors in the Royal Victoria Hospital in Ontario is about 280 doctors, as well as 300 health care employees.
The hospital provides services related to cancer patients, heart, respiratory system, colon, mental health, and nutrition, and it has more than 299 beds.

one of the best Medical tourism in Canada destinations in 2022

St Michael’s Hospital one of the best Medical tourism in Canada 2022

What distinguishes the hospital most is that it offers its services at an affordable price,
especially as it was established by the Sisters of Saint Joseph in 1892 to care for poor patients in Toronto. Kidney transplant center.

Medical tourism in Canada 2022

Children’s Hospital Vancouver

The hospital specializes in treating children up to adolescence and is considered one of the most important children’s hospitals in Canada as a whole,
as it provides many services, including heart disease care for children, as well as treating cancer diseases.

Medical tourism in Canada 2022

Mount Sinai Hospital

Mount Sinai Hospital in Canada has a very good reputation that pays many patients for treatment in it, especially as it includes large educational and health centers as well as being a hospital that provides the treatment.
The hospital also pays special attention to immune diseases and cancer, as well as the hospital provides advanced medical studies on smoking cessation.
The hospital is located on University Street in Toronto, Ontario.

Eagle Ridge Hospital

Eagle Ridge Hospital is famous for its large number of outpatient clinics, especially for patients with asthma, diabetes, and control of infectious diseases, as well as the presence of the best and latest medical equipment.
The hospital serves three cities or more than 300 thousand citizens. The hospital was opened in 1984 and is located in Moody Port.

Alberta Hospital

Alberta Hospital is considered the newest hospital in Canada in treating children up to the age of 18.
It was opened in 2006 and it is now one of the best Medical tourism in Canada in 2022.
It also serves patients from British Columbia and southwestern Saskatchewan.
The hospital also provides a special unit for intensive care for children.

walk in clinic – Medical tourism in Canada 2022

These clinics are characterized by simplicity, as they treat simple diseases such as colds or mild eye injuries,
as the hospital lacks multiple departments such as radiology, analysis, and others.
It is worth mentioning that these clinics belong to the state and everyone has the right to go to them.

It is worth mentioning that Canada is unique in cosmetic surgeries, rhinoplasty and breast plastic surgery in men, dental implants,
as well as face-lifts and cosmetic ear surgeries, but this medical reputation may be tainted by the prices offered in exchange for cosmetic surgeries.

Medical tourism in Canada 2022

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