brazil tourist places

Brazil is the largest country in South America, spanning nearly half the continent. Much of it is tropical, with vast stretches of rainforest, full of exotic plants and wildlife. This is in addition to the many tourists and natural factors that have made tourism in Brazil a very popular tourist destination. Explore, through this report, tourism in Brazil, the country of samba, charming nature, and its most important tourist attractions…

For tourists, Brazil is a tropical paradise, an exciting cultural destination, and rich in many tourist attractions. That’s where the perfect beach holidays, forest explorations, world-class art museums, and the tunes of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro are.

Best tourist places in BRAZIL

Brazil tourist places

Brazil’s Atlantic coast stretches over an area of ​​7,400 km, with beaches of golden sand and picturesque turquoise waters.

Brazil dominates the land area in South America, it is a huge country with diverse population groups. Samba music reverberates through the streets of its cities at carnival time, while die-hard football fans shriek hoarsely in its stadiums.

This is in addition to the most beautiful beaches in the world, and rich cultural heritage. Cities in Brazil also have an endless array of sights and attractions.

The best time to travel to Brazil

The best time to visit Brazil is from September to October. The reason for this is to avoid peak periods and crowding, as well as to avoid harsh winter weather and peak rainy season. That is the period during the fall when Brazil is much warmer.

Therefore, we advise you to avoid the peak tourism season in Brazil, which is during the period from December to March. Especially if you plan to explore the wildlife of the Amazon rainforest. Which is the best time to visit during July and September. If you are interested in attending the famous Rio Carnival in Brazil, you can plan your tourism during February or the beginning of March.

Brazil tourist places

The most important tourist cities in Brazil

To discover the best tourist cities, their attractions worth visiting, and the activities that you can do, use this list to find out the best tourist attractions in the tourist cities of Brazil…

Tourism in Rio de Janeiro – Best tourist places in BRAZIL

Rio de Janeiro

Tourism in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful tourist cities on earth. It is a wonderful tourist city and has a wide reputation among tourists. This is where the world-famous Copacabana Beach and along Guanabara Bay. All these factors make it a wonderful and unique city worth visiting.

Completing this majestic scene are the picturesque Ipanema Beach, as well as the tropical forest-clad mountains and brightly colored slums that dot Brazil’s second-largest city. This city that speaks for itself is also famous for the world’s most famous carnival, the “Rio Carnival”. Moreover, we cannot lose sight of the sound of samba that permeates its soul and features, giving it a lively character. Also, make sure to head to the Maracana stadium to watch a football match. Even if you do not like sports, we advise you to try visiting the place where the excitement and the unique competitive and enthusiastic atmosphere.

The most important tourist attractions of Rio de Janeiro

  • Copacabana Beach.
  • Ipanema Beach.
  • sugar mountain.
  • Botanical Garden.
  • Santa Teresa neighborhood.
  • Laba district.
  • Tijuca National Park.
  • Maracana stadium.
  • Lagoa area

Tourism in Florianopolis – Brazil tourist places


Florianopolis is the capital of the state of Santa Catarina. The city of Florianopolis is divided into two parts, half of which are on the mainland and the other half on an island. Florianopolis has some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil for tourism. It is a very popular tourist city in Brazil. And that is where tourists come to relax and enjoy a variety of recreational activities and tourist areas that are worth visiting.

It is worth noting that despite the recent development projects, the waterfront has been slightly damaged. However, Florianopolis has managed to retain much of its charm. For example, it is characterized by the old market. In addition to forty-two beaches, it offers you a range of facilities and activities such as water sports, paragliding, and hiking. Do not hesitate to put it in your tour program to explore it.

The most important tourist attractions of Florianopolis

  • Beaches of Florianopolis.
  • Historic center.
  • general market.
  • Hercilio Luz Bridge.
  • “Saint Anthony of Ratones”.
  • Florianopolis Museums.

brazil tourist places

Tourism in Brasilia


Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, was opened in 1960, with the intention of this planned city being the future of modern Brazil. And that’s where modern architecture is. When you visit, you will find large green spaces, parks and many modern city landmarks. It was all created in a remarkably short period.

Brasilia is unique and worth a visit. A city with a vibrant nightlife and vibrant cultural scene, it is worth exploring. This makes it easy to find notable architectural landmarks, and their main tourist attractions, as most of them, are located in one large area but are widely separated from the local commercial and residential neighborhoods.

The most important tourist attractions of Brasilia

  • Braca dos Terrace Budders.
  • TV tower.
  • National Congress.
  • Brasilia National Park.
  • Palacio dos Arcos.
  • Aboriginal Museum.
  • Dom Bosco Church.

Tourism in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo

This megacity is the largest in Brazil, with more than twenty million people living in it. Although crowded, it is a delightful city to explore, and visitors love to explore its vast land, with its world-class attractions.

Tourism in São Paulo has many fine restaurants, not to mention cultural sites, including more than seventy museums, as well as a collection of theaters. Moreover, São Paulo has a concrete jungle, mountains, and rainforests nearby, providing locals and tourists a respite from the fast-paced city life. It is a cosmopolitan city, with a thriving cultural diversity that deserves to be explored during tourism in Brazil.

The most important attractions in Sao Paulo

  • Pinacoteca Museum.
  • Ipiranga Museum.
  • Japanese home.
  • Municipal Theatre.
  • Oh de Borgodo.
  • Aberapuera Park.
  • Largo de Sao Francisco.
  • Benedictine Monastery.
  • Villa do Samba.
  • Football Museum.

Tourism in Foz do Iguaçu

Foz do Iguaçu

Best tourist places in BRAZIL

Foz do Iguacu is one of the natural wonders of the world, the majestic Iguazu Falls’ breathtaking scenery is the main attraction of Foz do Iguacu. That city is worth visiting, located on the border with Argentina, and it is worth seeing the waterfall from both sides of the falls, is a wonderful sight mesmerizing with its beauty.

On the Brazilian side, you’ll find panoramic views of the giant waterfalls… The city of Foz do Iguaçu is named after the estuary on which it is located, and is a convenient place when exploring the waterfalls and other natural attractions in the vicinity, before heading to Argentina, do not miss it.

The most important tourist attractions of Foz do Iguaçu

  • Iguazu Falls.
  • Itaipu Dam.
  • birds Garden.
  • Itaipu Museum.
  • Dreamland Wax Museum.
  • Bella Vista Biological Reserve.
  • Water city “Acquamania Foz”.
  • Blue Park Foz.

Tourism in Curitiba – Best tourist places in BRAZIL


The city of Curitiba is a great example of what effective urban planning can achieve. Although it is not the best city in the world, it is a nice place to spend some time while visiting Brazil, with the beautiful botanical gardens being a highlight.

Urban planning has turned Curitiba into a lush green city, even though it doesn’t have many dazzling tourist sites. If you are still planning your tourism program in Braille, we suggest that you include it in your program and explore it yourself.

Curitiba’s most important tourist attractions

  • Guira Theatre.
  • Old Town Hall.
  • Largo Fair.
  • Hello panoramic tower.
  • UFPR Museum of Art.
  • Federal University of Parana.
  • Botanical Garden.
  • Larjo, I saw this.
  • Oscar Niemeyer Museum.

Tourism in Manaus

Manaus is located in the heart of the rainforest, making it the perfect tourist destination for adventurers looking to explore the Amazon and the rainforest. Manaus is best known for its location at the confluence of the Río Negro and Río Solimويسes, for its grand public buildings, and for being Brazil’s free trade zone. It attracts many tourists to shop in its rich markets, natural attractions, colonial buildings, and a host of other diverse activities.

Although tourism in a city depends mainly on the natural attractions that characterize it. However, Manaus is a big city, with a few places worth visiting. You can also enjoy watching one of the most beautiful and amazing natural phenomena in Manaus, which is the phenomenon of the confluence of the waters of the Negro River with the Amazon River. And that is where the waters of the two rivers meet, despite their tens of miles away from each other, without mixing.

The main attractions of Manaus

  • Ecologico Januari Park.
  • The North Man Museum.
  • India Museum.
  • Amazon Theatre.
  • Rio Negro Palace.
  • Incontro das Aguas.
  • Anavilhanas Islands.
  • Mercado Adolfo Lisbon Market.
  • Opera House

Tourism in Fortaleza

Best tourist places in BRAZIL

Fortaleza, located on the northeastern coast of Brazil, is a vibrant city with a large number of beaches worth visiting. As one of the largest tourist cities in Brazil, it is distinguished by its vibrant life. Many tourists head here to celebrate and enjoy the beaches in and around the city.

Known throughout the country, Fortaleza is the home of Floro music and influential composer Jose de Alencar. While there are not many tourist attractions per se, it is the beauty of its beaches and fun atmosphere that makes up for it.

The most important tourist attractions of Fortaleza – Best tourist places in BRAZIL

  • Beach Park.
  • Future Beach.
  • Iracema Beach.
  • Coco State Park.
  • Castle Central Market.
  • Mocorby Beach.
  • Sabiaguaba Beach.
  • Photography Museum.
  • British Bridge.

Tourism in Belem

Best tourist places in BRAZIL

The city of Belém is considered the best city to visit in the Amazon, as there are more tourists in Belém than in Manaus. Bailey has a beautiful center, some great architecture, and delicious food. The city of Belem is located on the edge of Guajara Bay, near the mouth of the Amazon. There you can take excursions to other places along the coast, as well as head along the Amazon River itself, enjoying the most wonderful panoramic views.

Best tourist places in BRAZIL

It is a residential area blessed with wonderful gardens, easily accessible from the city by train or tram. The extensive plan that surrounds the river also offers a wonderful seaside stroll, as well as excellent cafés and restaurants along the way. Moreover, it has a group of wonderful museums and a world cultural center.

The most important tourist attractions of Belem

  • Zobota Park.
  • Rodrigues Alves Forest.
  • Boat fortress.
  • Peace Theatre.
  • Millennial house window.
  • Cirio Museum.
  • Sacred Art Museum.
  • Palace of Antonio Lemos and MAP.
  • Para State Museum.
  • Ver-o-Peso.
  • Dukes station.

Tourism in Campo Grande – Best tourist places in BRAZIL

Best tourist places in BRAZIL

Campo Grande is a special city, the wealth of this rural town is derived from livestock and agriculture. The brown land on which it was built earned it the nickname “The Brown City”. It serves as an important stop on the trade route between Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, and southern Brazil.

While visiting Campo Grande, you can do many tourist activities. For example, you can take a trip on a boat to discover birds and crocodiles, or a trip on horseback through the fields, as well as discovering birds on foot or in an open car. Moreover, you can take an evening trip to see the nocturnal animals. Some lodges also offer canoe trips, fishing trips, or specialized bird-watching trips. It is one of the tourist cities in Brazil that we suggest you explore.

The most important tourist attractions of Campo Grande

  • Horto Florestal Park.
  • San Jose Church.
  • Japanese Immigration Monument.
  • Dom Bosco Museum.
  • Native Nations Park.
  • Don Bosco Museum of Cultures.
  • Lake Sydney Baptista da Silva (Lake of Love).
  • Vitenho Park.

Tips before traveling and tourism in Brazil

Brazil is one of the most popular tourist countries with its natural wonders. Despite Brazil’s popularity as a tourist, you have to be careful as you are likely to be surrounded by high levels of danger. To avoid this and spend your vacation safely, here are important tips to ensure that you have an enjoyable and safer trip in Brazil.

Manual use in remote areas

Places like the Pantanal and the Amazon rainforest are some of the most amazing natural places in Brazil, with an extraordinary array of rare and wonderful wildlife. It is also home to potentially dangerous animals such as leopards, anacondas, crocodiles, venomous spiders, and parasites. So always remember that you are a guest in these areas, and survival and death become a real issue if you do not seriously take reasonable measures. We advise you to go with a backpacker guide in the Pantanal or the Amazon rainforest, to get the most out of your trip and avoid any dangers.

Don’t try to be a hero

If you or your friends encounter an unpleasant situation such as theft, do not try to negotiate, hold on to your things, or resist. Hand over your possessions without problems, as fighting can risk your life. This is because many thieves feel that they have nothing to lose, and are not afraid to go to jail. Even if he doesn’t have a gun or a knife, assume that something might be hidden. And look at it as an interesting travel story to tell when you return!

Best tourist places in BRAZIL

Driving through red traffic lights

Contrary to what everyone learned in driving school, it is usually okay to drive through red traffic lights late at night in major cities, provided there is no other traffic. The rationale behind this is that stopping at traffic lights on an empty street may leave you at risk of being robbed at gunpoint from your car. So you can drive through red lights as a precaution to avoid this possibility.

Use mosquito repellent

This is where mosquitoes are rampant in some regions of Brazil, and some carry unwanted gifts such as dengue fever, Zika, and chikungunya, and the latter is the current epidemic in Rio de Janeiro. The effects of these viruses can be devastating, such as serious birth defects, and even death for those with compromised immune systems. So to avoid that drama, we advise you to use mosquito repellent every day and before you go to sleep.

Do not drive a motorbike in the cities

With heavy traffic in Brazil’s major cities, riding a motorbike can seem like a time saver. However, it comes with a high risk, on average nearly three people die every day from motorbike accidents in the city of São Paulo. For those unfamiliar with the roads or unaccustomed to driving in Brazil, the danger can be even higher. So it is better to waste some time using public transportation during tourism in Brazil than to risk your life.

Get vaccinated

Traveling to Brazil does not necessarily mean that you need vaccinations. Especially for trips to cities like Rio de Janeiro or visits to the south of the country. However, if your trip includes a tour of the Amazon rainforest, vaccinations are highly recommended. Among the basic vaccines are hepatitis A, typhoid, and yellow fever. Malaria is also recommended.

Information about Brazil

Best tourist places in BRAZIL

Best tourist places in BRAZIL

Capital: Brasilia.
Currency: Brazilian Real.
Language: The official language in Brazil is Portuguese. The Portuguese language in Brazil is different from the Portuguese language. This is the same as in the English language in Britain and the United States. Also, the Spanish language is very widespread in Brazil, and it is considered an official language in many Brazilian regions and is recognized. This is in addition to a large number of other national languages.
Location: Brazil is located in eastern South America in the western hemisphere. 

Brazil is bordered by many countries and bodies of water. 

shares its borders in the north with Venezuela, French Guiana, Guyana, and the Republic of Suriname. It is also bordered on the northwest by Colombia, and on the southwest side, it is bordered by Paraguay and Argentina. 

As for its coastal borders, it meets the Atlantic Ocean from the east.

brazil tourist places

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